EuraPM Mirror

EuraPM is a configuration program for the home ISDN switchboard 'Euracom 180/181/182' made by Ackermann. Carsten Arnold has created it to help the OS/2 community configure their Euracom without having to boot DOS. It has a notebook type PM interface and is easier to use than the original program distributed by Ackermann, while still presenting the features in a similar manner. Therefore people used to 'KONFIG.EXE' will easily adapt to EuraPM.

Here is the lastest version v1.7.4 as of 13.06.1998 for download.

Since Ackermann released the next Version of firmware v2.x, Carsten is working on a complete rewrite of his excellent software, together with people from the Linux and Windows world. They will come up with a compatible software across all platforms. It works well also for firmware v3.x with its new features like CLIP, BoB, and more.

A beta release is available here as well (but check for the latest update at Carstens homepage).

Here is the current version as of 19.1.2001 0.40 for download.

And here is the home page of the author Carsten Arnold.


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