Summer of '96 in Norway

Small image of Jocki
Now this is a trout, isn't it?

Weight: 1.435 kg
Length: 54 cm

It got caught in one of our nets in the lake near Veidarvon on Peer-Gynt-Veien. We were fishing there for four days to have lunch and dinner. The meat itself is a light pink and enormously delicious. The trouts are best home-smoked or lightly battered and pan fried. According to our host, Ben Balchen, this was the largest trout ever caught in the lake.

Skiing with the INS in Ftan, April '97

Small image of the Group

Look, how Claus is jumping....

Claus jumping
... but, oh nooooooo! He lost his skis in mid-air!

Stefan and I in the chair lift in front of the great panorama of Scuol and Ftan.

Small image of the Group

Birthday Party at Matze's, October '97

Soon to come...or more like never!

My Birthday Party in 1998

Mücki had the one-time opportunity to fill a whole role of my film in my camera at the party. What you are going to see now is a fraction of the ones he made.

Me, happy about a new towel!
The kitchen is always the place to be!
Me, Ulf and Bernd!
Anette, when surprised!
Markus, really examining the tricky toy!
Roman, eagerly taking some Nussecken!
roman Nussecken
Bettina, really enjoying Helga's Nussecken!
bettina Nussecken
The picture of the day!
Mattse coming from the toilet!
The big fotographer!
Mücki and Mattse

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