Friends and Clubs


BaWue Net Titel
BaWue Net e.V.
My Internet Provider and a very diverse and interesting group of people using the Internet in their spare time.

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Internationaler Studenten- und Akademikerclub Stuttgart e.V.

Vintage Sailplane Association

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An organization that unites people that are crazy about:
- keeping old sailplanes in flying condition.
- restoring them again to flying condition.
- rebuilding ones that don't exist anymore.

Colorado Soaring Association - Home Page

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The place I got my glider license. They have excellent conditions almost all year round and even offer wave soaring in a wave window.

Soaring Society of America - Home Page

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The largest, nation wide organization for sailplane pilots in the US.


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A folk and country-rock band based in St. Louis. Their first CD is called "No Kinder Room" and is available from Hightone Records and distributed by WEA. Chris, the violinist, is a friend of mine. I met him during his exchange year here in Stuttgart in 1995.

Fulbright Alumni South West

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Friends and Family

Carsten Selinger My brother

Michael Wieland My cousin

Bernhard Quendt

Brian Lottman

Daniela Gehle

Michelle Clifford

Eric Lavarde

Sven Dittmar

Brian Lottman

Brian is a good friend of mine from my studies at CU Boulder in 1992-1994. He is still there doing his PhD in Atmospheric Sciences right now. If you like, you can look at a picture of his family here: Christine and Evan


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